Support the Return to Racing Today, So We Can Ride Again Tomorrow & Preliminary ToAD 2021 Schedule Announced!

Greetings ToAD fan,

As someone who has raced one of the largest road cycling events in the USA, you understand the importance of planning as part of your goal to perform at a high level during your time at ToAD.

Our goal this year, shared by USA Cycling is to ensure that racing comes back as quickly and safely as possible, and then as you have come to expect from us here in America’s Dairyland, to put on a great event over 11 days!

To help ToAD and USA Cycling make that possible, we would appreciate your immediate support to prepare for tomorrow, or whenever your racing returns. Your continued membership and licensing with USA Cycling helps event organizers like us here at ToAD in the return to racing as we collectively plan for another year of challenges. A critically important step you can take now is to renew or buy your license to maintain and even grow a vibrant race community! We need each other, for without USA Cycling, there is no ToAD and without events like ours, there are not enough licensed racers to help support USAC’s mission, plain and simple.

We all share a common optimism for this season and to calm any worries about participating in races, USA Cycling has instituted a Race License Guarantee, included with your membership. We are proud of our working relationship with USA Cycling as our National Governing Organization (NGO), so our collective support of our sport’s NGO responsible for not only the athletes at the top of the rung, but also looking out for all of us on the lower rungs too is critically important!

So again…

Become a member by 2/28/21 and if you don’t line up at the start of any races in 2021, USA Cycling will extend your Membership and Race License expiration date to June 30th, 2022, no questions asked.

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Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip

As we continue to endure a classic polar vortex here in America’s Dairyland, our hearts, mind and soul are clearly focused on the 12th edition of ToAD June 16-27, 2021! There is much work to be done and our collective battle related to COVID-19 still requires a positive trend line but hope springs eternal and we are locked into welcoming as many of you as possible back here racing this year IF we can provide a safe environment in which to do so! SOOO what, you ask, does ToAD’s daily race calendar look like thus far? Well, how does this look…

Wednesday, June 16 – tba

Thursday, June 17 – Janesville
(GRAND opening day!)

Friday, June 18 – East Troy
(Best town square EVER!)

Saturday, June 19 – Grafton
(Our founding race in its 12th year!)

Sunday, June 20 – tba

Monday, June 21 – Manitowoc
(1st year back since 2009!)

Tuesday, June 22 – tba

Wednesday, June 23 – tba

Thursday, June 24 – Brady Street
(Rivals Downer Avenue neighborhood, but with funk!)

Friday, June 25 – Shorewood
(On a Friday now; watch out!)

Saturday, June 26 – Downer Avenue
(THE granddaddy of ToAD; unmatched!)

Sunday, June 27 – Wauwatosa Village
(THE place to be in ‘tosa; seeing is believing!)

Plenty of work ahead of us, but we’re up to the task! To quote our respected friends at Tulsa Tough; “You can make a difference by getting vaccinated and following the three W’s: Wear a mask – Wash your hands – Watch your distance!”