Host a Rider!

Connect with Cyclists by Hosting a Rider

Our racers come from across the country, and even globe, to race ToAD and enjoy our wonderful community and events! Because of the length of the series, racers always benefit from generous host houses sharing their space for some or all of the races.

Hosting is Rewarding and Exciting

ToAD offers host housing through our official program. This benefit is hugely important when recruiting racers to participate. By hosting racers, you’re making it affordable, and even possible, for them to come to ToAD, and help make the series great.

Understanding how important it is for these riders to have hosting available made it easy to open our home to part of a team. It was great to have the chance to hear riders’ perspectives on the event.

Micah Wittig with Owen Gillott
Micah Wittig with Owen Gillott, 2nd place overall Pro 1/2/ men 2016

By hosting a racer, you’ll not only make a difference in someone’s experience, but you’ll get to meet interesting people from elsewhere in the world, many of whom end up becoming friends and repeat guests to our hosts. You’ll get their insider peek into what it’s like to race ToAD, and you can even name drop when you’re out spectating!

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What’s Expected from Hosts?

Our racers are extremely grateful to host families, and generally will be friendly, considerate, trustworthy, and non-intrusive.

  • A comfortable sleeping space, bed, or air mattress
  • Use of a bathroom and shower
  • Use of kitchen to prepare meals
  • Counter and refrigerator space
  • Use of washer and dryer
  • Secure place to store their bicycle while visiting
  • Spare key or other reliable means of entering and leaving securely

You are NOT expected to provide food, transportation, or cooking services.

Our family has watched the ToAD races for years and we enjoy every moment of it. We love hosting riders, and our children are happy to interact with our guests. The experience left a lasting impression on all of us.

We have no shortage of racers who will be grateful for host housing. Racers include all genders, and may come from international locations. We have single riders as well as teams in need of housing. Pandemic travel guidelines will be adhered to.

It’s easy to sign up, and rewarding to host. Fill out the application to get started:

Submit a Host Housing Application

Frequently Asked Questions for Hosts

Will the cyclists need to be in my home when I’m not there?

Yes. While most cyclists are up and out of the house for a training ride before they race, it generally isn’t until the late morning. Also, due to race schedules and the location of some races, they will most likely arrive home past 10:00pm. They can let themselves in if you don’t want to wait up for them.

Will I have to feed them?

No. Hosts often invite cyclists for a meal but it is not expected.

Will I have to provide transportation?


Will my home be treated like a hotel?

No. Cyclists stay in many different homes throughout the season and would like to be invited back in the future. They know how to be good house guests.

Granted, these are nice people. Do they have any other reason to behave well?

You bet. These are all sponsored cyclists and teams. They are very aware that they are representing their sponsors and teams for the entire time they are in town, not just when they are racing. They want their sponsors and teams to hear good things about them.

Will I have an uncomfortable conversation with the cyclists when I define the limits of what I’m willing to do?

No. The Host Housing Coordinator is an advocate for both the cyclists and hosts. You tell us your limits and we will pass it on to the cyclists. They are very flexible and gracious guests.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a host?

We will contact you via email once you have submitted the Host Housing Application on this website. You will be notified when host assignments have been made by email and/or by phone. Your guest(s) will also contact you shortly after the assignments have been distributed.

For more information, contact:

Sarah Drilias
Host Housing Coordinator
Phone: 414.839.5233