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Best10 Award

ToAD Voted 5th Best Road Cycling Event!

Thanks for voting us into 5th place in the USA Today’s 10Best Road Cycling events, and the highest ranked competitive event! We have always been committed to providing a welcoming and immersive experience for everyone, and we’re thrilled to be recognized by our community! See you in June!

Celebrating Vibrant Wisconsin Communities through Cycling

Tour of America’s Dairyland’s 11 day criterium race series offers high-level, inclusive bike racing through vibrant Wisconsin communities. With fast and fun courses, energetic crowds, professional race production, and welcoming host communities, ToAD offers a uniquely immersive experience for racers and spectators alike.

What exactly is Criterium Racing?

Criterium bicycle racing, or crit racing, is a short (approx. 1 mile) lapped circuit race, making it an ideal and exciting spectator sport. We like to say it’s a bike race surrounded by a block party, Wisconsin style!

Racers, often on teams, hit speeds exceeding 35 mph in a tight pack as they pedal laps through neighborhoods and down main streets. There is a lot of strategy, as they work together to help each other and position for huge sprints and exciting wins. You’ll even see a “race within a race” as bonus laps called primes are offered up several times throughout. ToAD attracts top talent from across the globe, including national and world champions, and Olympic cyclists.

Crit racing is exciting for everyone, and ToAD crowds always bring the energy!

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