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What time do the races start, and how late do they go?

Start and end times vary by city. Find more information about start times at our Race Schedule.

Can I come watch at any time of the day? Will roads be closed off?

Yes, bring family and friends to enjoy the racing and festivities at any time of the day. While some roads may be closed for the safety of racers and spectators, there is typically  ample, clearly marked parking.

Will I have access businesses and restaurants during the races?

Yes. While some roads may be closed for the safety of racers and spectators, there is typically ample, clearly marked parking as well as clearly marked “Safe Crossing” areas.

Where do I park?

Closer to race day, host cities will post directions to and locations of their respective parking areas. Otherwise, street parking is typically available. Be sure to heed posted parking restrictions.

How much does it cost to attend these races?

The Tour of America’s Dairyland is a FREE event for spectators. Enjoy FREE high-energy cycling action as well as live entertainment and safe, organized, family activities.

Can I cross the cycling route anywhere I want?

For the safety of cyclists and spectators, there will be clearly marked and manned “Safe Crossing” zones. For everyone’s safety, please cross only in these areas at times when volunteers deem it is OK to cross. Cyclists travel at a high rate of speed, and while you may not see any cyclists at quick glance, they can come around a corner and be in front of you in no time.

Are there only certain areas where I can watch the races? And is there a best area to watch?

Many spectators like to watch the race near the starting/finish area because of the high level of excitement, particularly at the finish. This is also where the Awards Podium is. However, if that area is too crowded for your liking, we encourage you to walk along the course and cheer on the racers from different areas. Your vantage point will be just as good as if you were at the Finish line, and racers need support and motivation along the entire course.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?

While this is an open, free event, you can bring your own food and beverage; however, we encourage you to support your community by trying cuisine offered by local restaurants. Many local businesses and restaurants will have Series specials during the event.

Can I offer racers water as they ride by?

For the safety of the racers and spectators, please do not reach out to offer racers water and food as they ride by. While it’s considerate of you to think of them, they will actually be racing by at a very high rate of speed, and even the slightest sudden movement or obstacle can cause an accident. Rest assured, the racers are prepared with proper water and nutrition.

Can I take photos or videos?

Yes, you may take photos and videos. You’ll be amazed by the rainbow of colors from all the jerseys! However, please refrain from jumping out onto the race course and leaning forward over the barricades as racers approach.. This puts you, other spectators and the racers in harm’s way. Photos will also be available in the Photo Gallery section of our website upon completion of each race day.

Can I get racers autographs?

Cyclists are very approachable; however, please keep in mind that prior to their race, they may be mentally preparing. If they appear to be in such a zone, please respect their privacy, and seek them out after the race.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever casual clothing you are comfortable in. Being Wisconsin in early summer, the temperature may change and elements may surface without notice so we’d recommend you bring a jacket, cap and sunscreen for protection, and perhaps even an umbrella or slicker. Racers will race in the rain, as long as lightning is not present and race officials deem the race course to be safe.

What kind of live entertainment and family activities will there be?

Each host city will have its own free unique entertainment and family activities. Please check back often for new event listings in the Schedule section of the website.

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