Host Housing for Racers

Stay with a family for some home away from home

Thank you very much for your interest in our Host Housing program for this year’s Tour of America’s Dairyland. We are thrilled that you have chosen to visit our beautiful state of Wisconsin and race in our series.

What is expected of cyclists who use Host Housing

Will I be allowed in a host’s home while they are away?

Most likely. Remember, this is not a hotel. Hosts have gone out of their way for you to stay in their home. Use only the areas they’ve authorized and by all means clean up after yourself immediately.

Will they feed me?

No. Hosts often invite cyclists for a meal but it is not guaranteed. Your are expected to plan ahead and bring your own food and seasonings. You will have the use of the kitchen, some space in a refrigerator (may be located elsewhere), the stove, appliances and counter space.

Please do not:

  1. Co-mingle your food with hosts food
  2. Leave any appliances on and unattended.

Will I have a place to do laundry?

Yes, if your host has a washer and dryer you can use them with their permission. Please always ask to use their washer and dryer to make sure you don’t interfere with their schedule. Also, NEVER co-mingle your laundry with your host’s laundry and always time your laundry so that you never leave it sitting in the washer or dryer.

Where will I shower?

Your host will have a shower for you to use. You may have a shower just for you or you may have to share it with the host family. If you are sharing with the host family always ask if they need it first. In any event always clean up after each use.

Will hosts provide transportation?


What else do hosts expect of me?

Hosts expect cyclists to respect their home and furnishings. If something gets damaged or broken tell them immediately. They’ll find out eventually and it’s better they hear it from you than if they find it on their own.

Is it okay to leave a thank you gift for the hosts?

Absolutely! Some examples are: signed team poster or team t-shirt/jersey/socks. Anything cycling related is good!

Lastly, always leave your host’s home in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

Request Host Housing

A non-refundable deposit of $10 is required to make your host housing reservation. This deposit is a donation made directly to the Wisconsin Bike Fed, a statewide cycling advocacy organization working to make bicycling convenient, safe, accessible and fun. Before your housing request will be accepted, please be sure to make your donation!

It is and always has been our priority to find housing for the Pro/Elite cyclists first and then fill other requests as we have open space. We ask for your patience as we work through the process of pairing racers with hosts. You will receive notification of your housing details the first week of June, but feel free to touch base with our Host Housing Coordinator whose contact info is found below. Thank you!

Deadline for host housing requests is May 15, 2024. EVERY team member requesting housing is required to fill out a host housing request form. Multiple requests on one form will not be accepted.

Submit a Host Housing Application

For more information, contact:

Sarah Drilias
Host Housing Coordinator
Phone: 414.839.5233