What to Expect

Make the most of your fan experience

The Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland offers high-energy cycling action featuring Pro and Amateur racers from across the nation and around the world. On most days, the races run nearly non-stop from 11:00am to 8:30pm and showcase male and female athletes from a wide range of ages and skill levels.

Think cycling is a snooze? You’re wrong! The final event of each day, the Men’s Pro Race, will feature speeds exceeding 35mph! Add to that our professional announcing duo of Todd Busteed and Brad Sohner; they’ll not only thrill you with their race updates and rich color commentary, but will educate you on the sport of cycling…so you can understand race strategy and team dynamics. And they’ll keep you entertained…ask anyone who’s been to a ToAD race! Last year, Brad downed 100 cartons of Wisconsin chocolate milk over the course of 11 days, and Todd was interviewing a Great Dane on the winner’s podium.

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But ToAD is more than cycling…it’s a massive neighborhood block party complete with entertainment, family fun, and kids activities. And it’s FREE to come and watch. So grab a cowbell, and become an instant fan! Experience communities you’ve never before visited, or get to know your own downtown a little better. Enjoy a hot cup of this, a cool sip of that, a taste of local culinary creations, and spend some time seeing what the local merchants have to offer.

Tour of America’s Dairyland presented by Kwik Trip…come experience the fun first-hand!