Day 10: Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip: The Otto Wenz Cafe Hollander Downer Classic

By: Sylvi Teich (blog: VeloRambling)  Published June 30, 2018

Women’s Pro/1/2

Friday night, Samantha Schneider took the stage victory, but on Saturday, it was her sister, Skylar’s turn to electrify the stage. On her first stage in the Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip, Skylar found herself in a breakaway of six that stuck. However, it was the Australian, Georgia Baker (Fearless Femme) who took the win on Saturday. Skylar Schneider (Boels-Dolmans) took second in a photo finish in front of Valentina Scandolara (Roxsolt Attaquer).

On Saturday’s long course, tons of fans and cycling enthusiasts gathered at the boards to watch the exciting race at Downer Avenue. The temperature was in the low 90s, but a nice breeze off the lake and plenty of shade on the course cooled things off a little bit. The breeze did mean there was wind throughout the race though. Saturday was also the first time that the Tour was broadcast live.

The familiar faces of the ISCorp Pro Cycling team were on the front of the peloton from the start, anticipating an early move. There was in fact an early breakaway of five riders including sixth place overall, Lisa Howard, and the ISCorp Pro Cycling rider, Caroline Baur. That group of riders was brought back to the bunch and everyone stayed together for a little while, marking each other. About 25 minutes into the race, another group of riders, this time six riders, went off the front. This was the breakaway of the day, the one that actually stuck.

The final breakaway included Skylar Schneider, Valentina Scandolara, Georgia Baker, Josie Talbot, Kristen Arnold, and Joanie Caron. From pretty early on, it looked like the break would stay away. They worked well together and were a strong group. The six riders got up to over a half a lap lead, though the gap gradually decreased as the peloton increased their pace. One of the big points of the night was the Ben’s Cycle Super Prime. In the women’s race, Yuya Hashimoto (Japan Cycling Federation) and Sam Schneider (ISCorp Pro Cycling) each won $2,000.

As the race got closer to the finish, it became clear the breakaway would stay away. The question was, who would win in the sprint among the riders? The answer was Georgia Baker of Fearless Femme. Behind her finished Wisconsin native (and World Tour Pro) Skylar Schneider and the Italian, Valentina Scandolara. Rebecca Wiasak moves into the leader’s jersey with one day left to go.

Don’t miss the final stage of ToAD on Sunday, the East Tosa Gran Prix.

Men’s Pro/1/2

On a particularly hot Saturday evening, thousands of people lined the course to cheer on the full field of 150 riders from 17 different countries on the 10th stage of the 2018 Tour of America’s Dairyland p/b Kwik Trip. Cory Lockwood (Project Echelon Racing) put up a heroic fight to come in second on the stage with Colin Strickland (Meteor X Giordana Racing) taking the win solo on Downer Avenue. Cesar Serna (Oklahoma Bicycle Project) took third on the stage.

The course was long on Saturday, but the pace was still high – and so too was the temperature. The temperature started out in the 90s, but gradually decreased as the sun set. In the middle and towards the end of the race, the wind picked up, giving the finishing straight a crosswind. There were fans all over the course, even on the roof of a parking garage, who came to watch the very exciting penultimate stage. Saturday was also the very first time the races were broadcast live.

There were two early crashes in the race, including one on the second lap of the day. Fifth place overall, Lachlan Holliday (Piedmont College) had to be pulled out of the race, earning no omnium points on the stage. It was certainly an exciting race. The speed ranged from between approximately 27 or 28 mph to 34 mph, so the race averaged around 30 mph (about 48 kph). There were a couple of early moves including one that had Stephen Wagstaff (Project Echelon Racing), the winner of the men’s pro/1/2 Super Prime.

The big story of the day started halfway through the race. Around 44 minutes into the race, Cory Lockwood attacked solo off the front. Surprisingly, no one else went with him. A couple people eventually tried to bridge the gap, but none did – until with sixteen laps to go, Colin Strickland got up to Lockwood. Strickland has been having a great series so it was even more surprising when the peloton didn’t really chase at that point. It wasn’t until much later in the race when Los Angeles Bicycle Club and a few other riders went for an ‘all in’ chase to catch the breakaway. They didn’t. With three laps to go, Colin Strickland went solo, away from Cory Lockwood. Strickland stayed away for the rest of the stage to take the win, while Lockwood also stayed away, though he got second.

After the race, Luke Mudgway (H&R Block Pro Racing) said there was some confusion whether the peloton was going to go for the Super Prime or whether they were going to try to catch the break. Mudgway stays in the leader’s jersey with one day left to go and Alejandro Villada stays in the category two leader’s jersey too.

The riders finish ToAD on Sunday at the East Tosa Gran Prix.