Mooooo in 2021

ToAD in 2021

Happy New Year and a much awaited welcome to 2021 from your ToAD Family.  We’re sure everyone is wondering just what might be happening beyond the simple dates that have been posted on our website since last year; June 17 – 27, 2021. Well, as we all know so well, the pandemic rages on, but hope has also arrived in the form of the multiple vaccines now being administered around the world and remember, with ToAD’s global appeal, we are most interested in the health & well-being of all and your ability to travel safely (priority #1!).  So where does that leave us in terns of planning a 2021 race season?

Kwik Trip remains very committed being by our side as our Presenting Sponsor and for that, we are eternally grateful!  As we secure our other Series Sponsors, the focus is on our Host Communities and our collective ability to establish the appropriate risk mitigation plans to secure the various permits that will be necessary to ensure a safe event for all stakeholders.   The reception thus far from them is mostly positive, but there has been some fallout.  While we  know Kenosha & Bay View will not be a part of the 2021 calendar, we have some incredibly exciting new ones ready to hopefully step up!  AND we are thrilled to announce that out of the unfortunate news that our local host for Day 11 in East Tosa has disbanded, the Village of Wauwatosa, the epicenter of activity for the city, has stepped up to become our final day host.  Forever grateful to East Tosa, the businesses and the amazing neighbors for making Day 11 what it has now become, but also very excited to move just a couple of blocks south to our new home!

Stay tuned here for more updates on 2021 and once again, from our ToAD family to yours, THANK YOU for the incredible support over these last 12 years (11 racing & one loving!)