Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland 13th Edition 2022 Calendar of Events

Thursday, June 16– Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lucky 13?! That’s what we think. The Kwik Trip Tour of America’s Dairyland is excited to announce our 2022 calendar with race registration to open in mid March.

Kwik Trip continues their amazing commitment & partnership to ToAD and we are honored to have them NOW as our TITLE SPONSOR. We can never get enough of Kwik Trip’s signature chocolate milk, Glazer donuts, bananas and fresh fried chicken and we can’t either! Add their clean restrooms, service fee free ATMs and locations across the state and it’s no wonder why everyone loves KT!

Now drum roll please…our 2022 Series Calendar:

  1. Thursday, June 16 – Janesville
  2. Friday, June 17 – East Troy
  3. Saturday, June 18 – Grafton
  4. Sunday, June 19 – Manitowoc
  5. Monday, June 20 – Bay View (Milwaukee)
  6. Tuesday, June 21 – tbd
  7. Wednesday, June 22 – tbd
  8. Thursday, June 23 – Brady Street (Milwaukee)
  9. Friday, June 24 – Shorewood
  10. Saturday, June 25 – Downer Avenue (Milwaukee)
  11. Sunday, June 26 – Wauwatosa Village

Thank you to all our communities for their continued commitment and support! Our mission is still clear; to stage a FUN, ENGAGING & SAFE WORLD CLASS event for all who race, sponsor or spectate and this year is no different.