Lowlands GranFinale Sprint Competition

Race within a race – final four days

Once again the final four days of the Tour of America’s Dairyland (Thursday, June 28 – Sunday, July 1) will feature the Lowlands GranFinale Sprint Competition. This annual Omnium Sprint competition acts as a “Race within the Race,” adding another layer of competition to these already-challenging criteriums. Halfway through every race each day during the four final races of the series (Shorewood, Bay View, Downer & Wauwatosa), a sprint lap is announced. The top five finishers of that sprint lap accrue points. At the end of the four days of racing, the points are totaled and the racers with the most points get paid from a purse of over $4,000, provided by the Lowlands Group! See the racer’s Tech Guide for full details.

Lowlands Grand Cafes
GranFinale Sprint Competition & Women’s Dinner Sponsor

Registration is open.